Contact East of Eden Mission Community

 As we span 18 congregations, there are rather a lot of us to contact. However, for general enquiries, please fill out the contact form below and we will be able to direct your message to the appropriate person. We also have a downloadable list of contacts including wardens and worship leaders, and have also added key contacts below. For individual groups, you will find contact details on their pages.

Key Contacts

To email, click the relevant name/subject below, or call on the telephone numbers provided.

Revd Katharine Butterfield, Tel: 01768 898176

Revd Dave Milner, Tel: 01768 863209

Revd Andrew Burrell, Tel: 07771 785790

Revd Keith Speck, Tel: 01768 898257

Revd Lindsay Harrod, Tel: 01768 881769

For website enquiries, Tel: 07970 382867

For venue enquiries, Tel: 07970 382867

…and many more! If you have need of our unique spaces, please do get in touch to discuss how we may be able to help.

To ensure that we keep everyone safe, we have a Safeguarding Coordinator, who does what is needed to keep children and vulnerable people safe. Find contact details and more on our Safeguarding page.

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