Anna Chapliancy

Various: including at home or by telephone

Fortnightly, or whenever you need.

Anna Chaplaincy is a national ministry that has been developing since 2010. It offers confidential befriending and spiritual support to older people and their carers.

It began here, in Cumbria, in December 2020 during Covid Lockdown, and the East of Eden Mission Community was one of the first areas to commission an Anna Chaplain. Anna Chaplaincy is now a Cumbria- wide initiative.

The vision is that the pastoral and spiritual needs of older people are not forgotten and are met locally within our Mission Community area.

The ‘Anna’ in Anna Chaplaincy refers to the Anna in Luke’s gospel who, together with Simeon, is an example in the bible of a faithful older person. ‘Anna ‘means grace: Anna Chaplaincy is a gracious offering from the church to the local community.

It is available to any older person who would like it, irrespective of whether they have a faith. Anna Chaplains supportthose with a strong faith and those who have little or no faith.

It is hoped that by coming alongside older people and listening to their stories, this can help them to remain feeling included in the local community they may have been part of for many years.

Wendy Wilson is the Anna Chaplain working within the East of Eden Mission Community. Her work is part time and voluntary and she is part of the Ministry Team, working closely with the EEMC clergy.

The Anna Chaplaincy team has recently grown and Wendy now has two volunteers working alongside her as Anna Friends; Cindy Butterworth and Julie Barrett, both of whom live locally. Wendy and Cindy and have been commissioned by the Carlisle Diocese to do this pastoral work and there will be a commissioning service for Julie in early 2023. The team are now in a position to further develop this ministry and are hoping to be able explore more ways of offering spiritual support to older people.

Anna Chaplaincy offers regular visits to people in their own homes or support via telephone chats. Contacts are usually fortnightly but this is very flexible according to the older person’s preference and needs.

For more information, to have a discussion or to make a referral, please contact Wendy Wilson, via email or telephone: 01768 896040 / 07766141274

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