Food for thought

Lazonby & Kirkoswald

7pm, 2nd Tuesday in the month, Kirkoswald; 7.45pm, 3rd Tuesday of the month, Lazonby.

What is it all about?

The Food for Thought groups exists to provide a place for encouragement,worship, prayer, bible study and support for each other wherever we may be on our Christian journey or even if we are just looking to see if that may be a journey to take. No experts in the groups, only learners.

What happens at a normal session?

There is never any pressure for anyone to participate if they wish to just attend and listen, but of course it is always great to hear and learn from each other. There is so much life experiences amongst us, we just want to learn.

How can I get involved?

The groups are open to all, regardless of age or where we may live or church or chapel we may attend (or none at all). They are not parish based and folks in one parish are welcome to attend a group in another. Anyone is very very welcome as are any colleagues, friends or acquaintances etc.

The Food for Thought groups within the Mission Community that are operating at the moment are held at:

  • Neil and Judith Kennedy’s home, Lynwood, Lazonby.CA10 1AT Tel: 01768 898431, and this is at 7.45 pm. 
  • The home of Hugh and Yvonne Povey, Prospect Hill House,Kirkoswald CA10 1ER, Tel 01768 897138, starting at 7.00pm 


If you wish find out more or to attend a Group, please do telephone or email Neil Kennedy or Hugh Povey.

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