Take time to engage

Dear Friends

As I am preparing to write this I have been putting together some material I am going to use for the Leaders of Worship meeting on Thursday. Here I am talking about ‘How to nurture a faith-sharing community’ based on a book produced by James Lawrence from CPAS. I have mentioned this book to several of the PCC’s because it is a book we have been looking at as a staff team. It is a collection of ideas and wisdom that has been acquired over many years.

The title of the book may sound a bit alarming or a bit over the top, but it isn’t when we think about it. If we are passionate about anything, such as a hobby, a good book we have read, or a recent film, TV programme or series, we naturally want to talk about it and recommend or share it with our friends and acquaintances.

That is how it can be with our faith. Do you sometimes think or wonder how do people face the challenges around us or ahead without a deep trust in the Lord giving us joy and peace. I know we all struggle from time to time but we are sustained by having that reservoir of joy, peace and hope. It is from this that we have the urge to share our faith.

But we do need to have something to talk about. Pastor and writer, Tim Keller says we develop confidence in faith sharing ‘when we see breakthroughs in our own lives, that the gospel actually makes a difference, that it works’.

So, as the days shorten, I would like to encourage you to develop a daily practice of intentional time to engage with our Lord. It is foundational to our spiritual life, and often vital for motivating people to share their faith. Fifteen minutes can be a good starting point and there are many resources to help you both in Bible reading, reflection and prayer.

Enthusiasm to speak about our faith arises from our passion in the Lord Jesus Christ.


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