The Chat Room CIC – a warm and welcoming space

Saturday 1st October saw the long awaited opening of The Chat Room on Front Street in Alston, (opposite the Town Hall), with Eden District Councillor Lissie Sharp doing the honours. Twenty six people attended, with lots of chatting and tea-drinking going on!  Since then we have had a variety of people coming in, some locals and some visitors just looking for a cuppa.

We have registered with the Warm Welcome Campaign – a nationwide initiative to encourage warm spaces to be set up, where people can gather for company and to keep warm There are still finishing touches that need doing (part of the ceiling is still an interesting shade of red!) but nobody seems to mind or even notice.

Everyone is most welcome – everything is free and it is a cosy space to pass the time of day, especially through the coming winter when everyone is concerned about fuel costs.  The venue will be staffed by volunteers who would love to welcome you with a cuppa and a smile!  If you haven’t been in yet, why not pop in to see us?  We are open Monday to Friday, 10-12 and 2-4.

Here’s our page: The Chat Room

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