The Glory of the Resurrection

Dear Friends,
I recently gave a lenten talk based upon the thought of ‘where are we in God’s vision’, I based our discussion around the verse found in Jeremiah 29:11, how God’s thoughts are always towards us to give us hope in the midst of dark times.
Well…. we need hope in our present times for sure, the news items on TV seem to feed on worry despair and dark deeds, many of our newly commissioned drama programmes seem to concentrate on evil thoughts acted upon in our society.
It can all get rather dark and depressing if we are fed this constant diet of bad news and hopeless situations, I find refuge both in my grandchildren’s energy and fun and the promise of God’s constant presence and care for us.
We are fast approaching that most precious time in our year for those of us who profess faith in Jesus Christ, the events of Christ’s passion and the path to the cross always kindle within me inspiration and emotion in equal measure, it is a familiar story for some but NEVER loses its ability to bring us to the place of shock and awe at God’s grace and love for the human race.
The build up to that Resurrection morning is like a juggernaut of sacrifice for Jesus, from the moment that he dismounted from the donkey on Palm Sunday it plays out for him with misunderstandings, desertion, mockery, betrayal and finally death.
THEN comes the Glory of the Resurrection and the empty tomb, and running disciples and lifted hearts and a future and a hope, it is THE most wonderful and vital part of our lives lived as God’s people and acts for me as a huge boost to my faith every year.
We have a series of services going forward throughout Holy Week, all geared to help us come ‘within the veil’ and draw closer to God through this most precious time, I do encourage you to join with us and experience God’s presence and power.
Every Blessing in Christ
Revd Keith Speck

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