There is always room for you

Dear Friends
As I begin to write this in the middle of winter there are also signs of spring. My young grandson recently pointed out to me, a snowdrop courageously trying to raise its head. The days are getting longer which always heightens our spirit.

I hope you have managed to keep warm particularly through these longer periods of cold weather. Within the mission community there are several locations where you can gather to meet with others, offering ‘warm spaces’ and refreshments. I have listed some of them in the Newsletter.

Shortly we will be preparing for Easter which is a little earlier this year. The Ash Wednesday service at the start of Lent is to be at St. Nicholas’ church, Lazonby on 22nd February at 7.00pm. Here you will have the opportunity to receive a cross on your forehead made from palm tree ashes, as a sign of penitence or being delivered from your sins.

There will be several Lent groups taking place, where we will be looking at the four God for All themes; follow daily, care deeply, speak boldly and tread gently, in line with the ecumenical county of Cumbria. We will start with a joint meeting, followed by local ones in your area, concluding in Holy Week. Details will follow nearer the time.

There will also be a variety of services throughout Holy Week culminating with the popular Easter Fire service on the eve of Easter Day. If you haven’t participated in Lent courses or Holy Week services before I would recommend them, as in the past I have found them very helpful. They really do help you prepare for and enhance the true meaning of Easter.

Take care and God bless

For a downloadable copy of our February newsletter click here.

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